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Here they are!   Laura's Certified Teachers!

These people attended my Certified Teachers Collage Class.  They were taught my technique, the supplies I endorse and the secrets of making a successful collage quilt!  I spent time with them in my shop explaining how I choose fabrics, kit, collate, fold and merchandise collage kits.  You will see them develop their own kits and offer classes using my method!  I am happy to have them as part of my collage team as I cannot possibly travel everywhere and teach everyone my technique.  Help each of these small businesses be successful!  Please contact them if you would like them to teach a class or retreat for you.


Maru Soto, MATERIAL GIRLS DOWN UNDER,04-31337446,, NSW Australia. Willing to travel. 

Jinni Beens, ARTISTIC QUILTS WITH COLORS INC, 613-966-4715, Area willing to teach: Ontario

Tracy Brittain Loyek, PURPE KATZ QUILTING, Central Alberta Canada, 403-704-3051, Areas willing to teach: Canada.

Maureen Wood, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Rosedale, British Columbia, 604-794-3757, Will travel anywhere in Canada. 

Elly Prins, ELLY PRINS MACHINE QUILTING, Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 0031793616020, WIll travel: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxenburg, Germany and Denmark. 

United States:

Ann Wilson, TIFFINANNIE'S, Glencoe, Arkansas, 870-895-3373, Willing to teach in north central Arkansas and surrounding areas. Winter months (Dec. Jan. Feb.) can teach in Sarasota Florida area. 

Lisa Torgramsen, THE FISHWIFE, Wrangell, Alaska, 907-305-0579, Will teach in Alaska and the Pacific NW States. 

Keril Rieger, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Huntsville, Alabama, 256-698-0872, Will travel Nationwide.

Cindy McAlister, SOUTHERN CHARM QUILTING, Huntsville, Alabama, 256-536-3757, Willing to travel Nationwide.

Robin Price, SWEET HOME QUILTING & SUPPLIES, Madison, Alabama, 256-325-1840, Will teach in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Brenda Rickett, SCATTERED THREADS, Northport, Alabama, 205-310-7449, Will teach southeast United States. 

Terri Spencer, SCATTERED THREADS,Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 205-361-3448, Will teach southeast United States.

Sharon Brewer, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Bryant, Arkansas, 501-213-6685, Will teach US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Patty Presley, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Sahuarita, Arizona, 520-971-9116, Areas willing to teach: Arizona (Oct-April) and Montana (June-Sept). 

Bonnie Griffin, BONNIE'S FABRIC ON WHEELS, Yuma, Arizona,  541-921-0125, Will teach October-April in Arizona, Souther Nevada and Southern California. June-August in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. 

Ruth Locke, MEL'S SEWING & FABRIC CENTER, Anaheim, California, 805-310-6660, Will travel California and Arizona.

Christie Bess, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Carlotta, California, 707-499-2432, Also teaching at Prickly Pearadise Quilts. Will travel to Fortuna, CA, Ferndale, CA, Ereka, CA and Goodyear, AZ. 

Tracy McCollam, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Carmel, California, 925-788-1078,  

Patti Dubreuil, PIECEMAKERS Costa Mesa 714-641-3112, SewCrazed La Habra 562-665-8238, SEWN TOGETHER 951-479-5121,, Corona, California. Willing to teach in Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernadino County California. 

Colleen Erdes IN STITCHES, Dixon, California, 707-679-3007, Will travel to California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky-Guild and retreats welcome. 

Ann Pollinger, CLOTH & QUILTS, Hilmar, California, 209-632-3225, Areas willing to teach: Cloth & Quilts. 

Cheryl HartCOTTON PATCH, 925-639-9375,, Lafayette, California. Areas willing to teach in the Western United States. 

Janis Rivera, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Lancaster, California, 661-733-7078, Willing to teach Nationwide and International. 

Tricia Schroeter, TRISH TAC SEW QUILT SHOP & SEWING LESSONS, Palm Desert, California, 760-851-8101, Areas willing to teach: willing to travel anywhere. 

Natalie Caldwell, QUILT CULTURE, Red Bluff, California, 530-321-8833, Areas willing to travel: Sacramento California to the Oregon Border and all of Northen California.

Susan Nash, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Redlands, California, 714-519-9946,, Willing to travel anywhere needed.

Kay Kelley, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Rio Vista, California, 909-234-6913, Areas willing to teach: Rio Vista, Sacramento, Contra Costa County, Solano County and San Juaquin County.

Kirsten Antonissen, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Sacramento, California, 414-698-3782, Will teach Nationwide, International, Anywhere. 

Helen Rice, BEAR VALLEY QUILTING ACADEMY, Sacramento, California, 608-217-3420, WIll travel anywhere. 

Mary Ann Moore, ALWAY'S QUILTING, San Mateo, California, 650-458-8580,, Virtual and in person classes are offered regularly.

Julie McAuliffe, ALWAYS QUILTING, San Mateo, California, 415-579-6838, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere. 

Carol Martin, QUILT CORRAL, Willows, California, 530-934-8116, Areas willing to teach: Northern California and north of Sacramento. 

Pati SennFABRIC PLAY QUILTING, Aurora, Colorado, 720-524-3492, Willing to teach in Aurora, Denver, Broomfield, Parker and Centennial Colorado or within the US.

Denise Raulston, STITCHERY, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 719-591-1717,

Teresa Barbagallo, TREELOTTA, Denver, Colorado, 303-997-4372,, Willing to teach in the Denver area.

Lisa Soderborg, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Englewood, Colorado, 303-669-9290, Willing to teach in Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Greenwood Village Colorado. 

Lisa Zahn, INDEPENDENT TEACHERS, Estes Park, Colorado, 207-975-4455, Areas willing to teach: Willing to travel, am a snowbird between Colorado and Arizona. 

Catherine Cornell, PEAK TO PEAK STITCHING, Estes Park, Colorado, 970-296-8385, Areas willing to teach: Estes Park Colorado.

Judith Schaffer,  CABIN QUILTS AND STITCHES, Grand Lake, Colorado, 970-627-3810,, contact Judith at 850-247-9399. Areas willing to teach: Port St. Joe Florida, Grand Lake Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Baltimore Maryland, Brunswick George, Sierra Vista Arizona.

Lisa LeBlanc, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Milford, Connecticut, 203-241-7531, Areas willing to teach: Connecticut and Surrounding states. 

Diana Saker, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Lake Placid, Florida, 954-224-8405, Will travel throughout Florida, cruises and out of state.

Cathleene Tokish, SWEET DARLING QUILTS, Lutz, Florida, 813-994-2994, Areas willing to teach: Florida and will travel anywhere. 

Rene Martinez,  THE CRAFT TABLE, Orlando, Florida, 407-377-7363,, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere.

JoAnn Lamb, THE HIVE,  Palm Coast, Florida, 760-216-4024, Willing to travel.

Rebecca Eyer, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Port Charlotte, Florida, 920-509-2207, Areas willing to teach: Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida. 

Laura York, ROSIE'S CREATIVE COTTAGE, Tampa, Florida, 813-966-8789, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere. 

Nancy Hutchison, COTTONTAIL QUILTS, Acworth, Georgia 404-422-4876, Willing to teach in Georgia, the Southeast and Michigan.

Maetha Elliott, TINY STITCHES QUILT SHOP, Marietta, Georgia, 770-765-1113, Will travel in the Southeast. 

Annie B, TRADEWINDS QUILTING COMPANY, Kihei Maui, Hawaii, 808-633-2472, Areas willing to teach: Hawaii, Switzerland-German area and International.

Cathy Allen, SUN VALLEY FABRIC GRANARY, Hailey, Idaho, 208-788-1331, Areas willing to teach: Idaho, Northern Utah, Eastern Oregon.

Rebecca Mitchell, SUN VALLEY FABRIC GRANARY, Hailey, Idaho,  208-788-1331, Areas willing to teach: Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Utah and Nevada.

Christine Moll, JONES SEW AND VAC, Pocatello, Idaho, 208-233-0670, Areas willing to treavel: Southeast Idaho.

Linda Lambert, SEAMLESS GETAWAYS RETREAT CENTER, Forrest, Illinois, 815-848-5082, Areas willing to teach: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, contact for other areas.

Linda Dawson, SNIPS OF THREAD, LLC, Humeston, Iowa, cell 515-360-6901 shop 641-877-6077, Will travel to Iowa and Missouri.

Deneen Urbanek, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Ellsworth, Kansas, 785-472-8780, Areas willing to teach: Kansas and neighboring states.

Molly Molzer, KC MAKER STUDIO & FABRICS, Leawood, Kansas, 913-980-5597, Areas willing to teach: Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, contact for other areas.

Jessica Drugg, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Spring Hill, Kansas, 913-961-6467, Areas willing to teach: Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. 

Rebecca "Becky" Svaty, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Topeka, Kansas, 785-408-0189, Areas willing to teach: Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa. 

Annarose White, BEEHIVE QUILT SHOP, Wellington, Kansas, 620-440-8621, Areas willing to teach: Kansas, Oklahoma and Chicago.

Stephanie Macera, THE SEWING CENTER, Wichita, Kansas, (c) 316-768-9856 (w) 316-832-0819, Areas willing to teach: Kansas and Oklahoma.

Jenna Heine-Fennell, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Louisville, Kentucky, 503-575-6822, Willing to travel. 

Michelle Wise, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Louisville, Kentucky, 502-593-4626, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere in the US. 

Catherine Thornton, THE CRABBY QUILTER, Annapolis, Maryland, 540-290-4269, Areas willing to teach: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware & Gettysburg PA area. 

Nancy Sandreuter, NANA NANCY'S SEW UNIQUE, Wilmington, Massachusetts, 781-710-9614, Areas willing to teach: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

Deborah McManus, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Wrentham, Massachusetts, 508-654-5835, Areas willing to teach: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maine and Vermont. 

Carrie Latesky,  INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Branch, Michigan, 989-280-1791, Willing to teach in Michigan. 

Amanda Manno, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Plymouth, Michigan, 715-869-2551, Will travel anywhere in the United States. 

Laurie Howell,  INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Saginaw, Michigan, 989-751-1549, Will travel throughtout Michigan. 

Valina James, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Saint Charles, Michigan, 989-326-0547, Will teach throughtout Michigan.

Jan Kellner, MONIKA'S QUILT AND YARN SHOP, Park Rapids, Minnesota, 218-252-5556, Areas willing to travel: Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Patti Meier, KC MAKER STUDIO & FABRICS, Kansas City, Missouri, 816-686-3570, Areas willing to teach: Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa.

Merrie Ford,  INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Kansas City, Missouri, 201-400-9196, Areas willing to teach: Kansas City, Columbia, Lawrence, NW Arkansas, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Leavenworth Kansas. NW Montana during summer months. 

Cindy Farrow, THE FABRIC CHIC, Parkville, Missouri, 816-982-9191,, Areas willing to teach: Missouri and Eastern Kansas.

Alice Hein, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, St. Louis, Missouri, 314-952-0241, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere. 

Mary Bryon, CLOUD NINE QUILTS, Absarokee, Montana, 406-328-4032, Mainly willing to teach in my own shop and am willing to travel anywhere in the workd to teach. 

Tonia Holm, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Deer Lodge, Montana, 360-580-8476, Will travel anywhere. 

Glenna Schaible, 35th SEW AND BACK, Helena, Montana (summer) Goodyear, Arizona (winter), 406-314-3235. Will travel to Montana and Arizona, contact for other areas. 

Brigitte Okamoto, MONTANA CUSTOM QUILTS, Kalispell, Montana, 406-261-8158, Areas willing to teach: Montana, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado and will travel internationally. 

Brian Okamoto, MONTANA CUSTOM QUILTS, Kalispell, Montana, 406-261-8158, Areas willing to teach: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and beyond!

Anna Waller, VICKI'S QUILTS DOWN UNDER, Missoula, Montana, (w) 406-728-9446 (c) 406-546-4650, Willing to teach in Western Montana. 

Cathy Kaufman, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Gering, Nebraska, 308-631-0904, Will travel and teach Nationwide and International.

Aaron Wentz, QUILTERS COTTAGE, Kearney, Nebraska, 308-237-2701, Areas willing to teach: your destination is where I want to be. I am centrally located in the Continental US but borders cannot hold me in. Let's collage together. 

Judy Fletcher, JUDY'S QUILTING, Omaha, Nebraska, 816-560-3782, Areas willing to teach: Omaha Nebraska area and will travel. 

Denise Lamy, KIMBALL POND QUILTS & HANDCRAFTS, Dunbarton, New Hampshire, 603-568-6114, Willing to travel anywhere. 

Carol Lawrence, ANGELS SEWING AND QUILTING, Salem, New Hampshire, 603-748-0492 or 603-898-0777,

Donna Giard, BITS N PIECES QUIILT SHOP II, Winchester, New Hampshire, 413-218-7693, Areas willing to teach: Vermont, new Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Will travel.

Laurie Browinski, ANGLE'S SEWING & QUILTING, Windham, New Hampshire, 978-376-6012, Areas willing to teach: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Chris Ripley and Jane Smith, THE QUILT PARLOR, Battle Mountain, Nevada, 775-635-2600, Willing to teach in Northern Nevada.

Chris Meeks, QUICK TIME (LONGARM) QUILTING, Las Vegas, Nevada, 614-209-9490, or Areas willing to teach: Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Central and Southern California, Ohio, Georgia, Cruises and International.

Kim Maier, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Reno, Nevada, 775-233-9244, Areas willing to teach: Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and West Coast.

Deanne Gossler, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Reno, Nevada, 775-443-8384, Will teach in Nevada and California.

Lynn Christiansen, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Cary, North Carolina, 832-248-0271, Will teach in East Coast, South Coast and will travel. 

Kelly Zellars, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Charlotte, North Carolina, 704-763-8041, Willing to teach North and South Carolina. 

Cathy Bogan, STITCH PARTY STUDIO INC, Madison, North Carolina, 336-427-7144,, Areas willing to teach: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and will travel. 

Alma Burton,  SEW DELIGHTFUL, Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, 919-672-7217, Willing to teach on East Coast and Southern States. 

Kim Thompson,  GOOD VIBRATIONS QUILT SHOP, Minot, North Dakota, 701-839-5645, Areas willing to teach: North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.)

Vonda Blando, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Ponca City, Oklahoma, 580-716-9411, Areas willing to teach: Oklahoma and willing to travel.

Barb Schoonover, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Albany, Oregon, 541-801-6695, Areas willing to teach: will travel anywhere. 

Joycelyn "Joy" Helfrich, THE BORING QUILT CO, Boring, Oregon, 503-679-7005, Will teach Nationwide also UK )England, Scotland, Ireland.)

Laura Lowe, GRAMMAS BARN QUILTING, Eugene, Oregon, 541-954-8455, Areas willing to teach: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Denver, Atlanta suburbs-

Charlene Turman, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Eugene, Oregon, 808-731-9917, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere.

Kris HowattFEATHER YOUR NEST QUILT STORE, Gresham, Oregon, 971-220-0936, Areas willing to teach: Oregon, Washington and willing to travel.

Robin Reilly, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Portland, Oregon, 503-804-2072, Areas willing to travel: USA.

Barbara Chambers, FARM GIRL QUILTS AND GREEN SEWING & VACUUM, Talent, Oregon, 541-631-8517, Areas willing to teach: Talent Oregon, Ashland Oregon, Southern Oregon Northern California and Bay Area California.  

Lynn Fitzgibbon, SEW WHAT!, Wilmington, Delaware, 302-397-8091, Areas willing to teach: classes offered at the shop only. 

Mary Aker, GOOD VIBES ART SHOP, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 978-424-8869, Areas willing to teach: South Carolina and Southern North Carolina.

Ginny Gustad,  THE SHANTY STITCHERS, Beresford, South Dakota, (w) 605-661-4258 (c) 605-751-9029, Areas willing to teach: Wyoming, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa as well as cruises.

Boni Lochner, STITCH HAPPENS, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, 712-574-4111, Areas willing to teach: contact me. 

Karla Randall, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 605-521-8684, Areas willing to teach: Eastern South Dakota, Monnesota and Iowa.

Ruth Worthey, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Bluff Dale, Texas, 817-832-7589, Areas willing to teach: Texas-150 mile radius of Bluff Dale Texas. 

Donna Galvan, DONNA'S QUILTING RESPITE, College Station, Texas, 979-492-7511, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere as well as cruises. 

Tassie Ursrey, SINGER SEWING CENTER, Corpus Chrisit, Texas, 361-991-5151, Will teach in store only at Singer Sewing Center, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Sheri Morton, VALLI & KIM QUILT SHOP, Dripping Spring, Texas, 972-800-1060, Areas willing to teach: Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Bette Jacob, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Fredericksburg, Texas, 936-645-5993, Will travel anywhere in the United States.

Colleen Marty, GOOD WITH SUGAR, Houston, Texas, 713-824-7987, Willing to travel anywhere to teach.

Zelma Reid, DETAILS SEWING & DESIGN, Kemah, Texas, 409-781-3970, Areas willing to teach: New York, Connecticut, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, especially Eastern US and requested travel!

JoLynn O'Neil, ROCK HOUSE RETREAT & PAINTED PONY & QUILTS, LaPorte, Texas, 940-59-8134, Areas willing to teach: Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and willing to travel.

Ellen Herman, INDEPENDENT TEACHER,  Mission, Texas, 907-354-2018, Areas willing to teach: Texas and Wyoming. 

Kathy Tucker, K&S QUILTING, Montgomery, Texas, 806-252-8068, Will travel in United States and International.

Tricia Preston, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, New Waverly, Texas, 281-733-7022, Willing to travel.

Kasi Cotton, PINWHEELS & POSIES, Pearland, Texas, 713-515-6831, Areas willing to teach: Texas and Louisiana.

Karen Smisek, HOME ALA MODE, Pottsboro, Texas, 214-542-5159,, Areas willing to teach: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Cyn WildeQUILTERS COTTAGE, Richmond, Texas, 281-455-8267, Willing to teach mainly in Texas, US and/or cruises.

Blanca Gonzalez, B YOU DESIGNS, LLC, Rosharon, Texas, 281-831-3220, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere. 

Laurie Huhndorf, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, San Antonio, Texas, 210-416-9865, Areas willing to teach: Texas and Wisconsin (spring, summer, fall) USA as requested. 

Vickie Owen, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, San Antonio, Texas, 210-286-4442, Willing to travel anywhere.

Traci Armstrong, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Southlake, Texas, 714-403-2650, Areas willing to teach: Anywhere. 

Tina Bass, FABRICS ETCETERA, Webster, Texas, 281-744-3384, Areas willing to teach: Texas, Oklahoma and willing to travel.

Kathy Sims, THE ENCHANTED QUILT, Wichita Falls, Texas, 940-689-0990, Areas willing to teach: Oklahoma and Texas.

Leesa Clark-Millerberg, THE QUILTERS LODGE, Draper, Utah, 801-576-0390. Will teach at The Quilters Lodge in Draper Utah.

Jenny Nielson, MY GIRLFRIENDS QUILT SHOPPE, Logan, Utah, 435-512-5973, Areas willing to travel: Southern Idaho to South Salt Lake City Utah.

Maureen Howe, NUTTALL'S, Magna, Utah, 801-673-0216, Areas willing to travel: Western States. 

Jan Koontz, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Mendon, Utah, 605-430-5399, Areas willing to teach: Utah. 

Shaylene Engh, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Plain City, Utah, 435-770-8172, Areas willing to teach: Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Josephine Keasler, NUTTALL'S, Salt Lake City, Utah, 562-972-6990, Areas willing to teach: Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. 

Effie Lasher, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, St. George, Utah, 435-632-3961, Will teach locally in St George area.

Lisa Pentecost,  INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Richmond, Virginia, (c) 937-367-6052 (w) 937-274-1972, Areas willing to teach: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, or whatever!

Victoria Hutchins, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Barre, Vermont, 805-522-7989, Areas willing to teach: Vermont and other New England States. 

Lynn Wheatley, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, South Roalton, Vermont, 802-299-9236, Willing to teach in Continental US. 

Ruth Pickett, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Auburn. Washington, 253-737-7559, Will travel the world.

Starlit Bear, STARLIT QUILTS, Bonney Lake, Washington, 253-224-1461, Areas willing to teach: Oregon, Washington and Idaho. 

Susan Davis, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Bremerton, Washington, 360-509-5343, Areas willing to teach: Will travel. 

Tiffany Welton, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Carnation, Washington, 206-999-1057, Areas willing to travel: Washing and Oregon.

Renee Bruess, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Cheney, Washington, 509-993-4139, Areas willing to teach: Eastern Washington and Idaho.

Darlene Mossman, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Diamond Lake, Washington, 760-912-7947, Areas willing to teach: Stevens County & Pend Oreille County WA, Bonner County and Boundary County Idaho. Also interested in teaching on cruises. 

Roxanne Hougardy, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Kent, Washington, 253-632-2259, Areas willing to teach: Western Washington.

Anna Robins, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Liberty Lake, Washington, 303-264-8738, Areas willing to teach: Spokane-Eastern Washing, Western Washington, Central & Western Idaho.  

Holly Rydman, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Olympia, Washington, 360-590-9111, Areas willing to teach: willing to travel. 

Kathryn "Katie" Guerrero Bryant, A+ QUILTING & SEW CO, Port Orchard, Washington, (s) 360-551-8327, (c) 360-517-5776, Areas willing to teach: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio, Florida and California. 

Melissa Rose, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Port Orchard, Washington, 360-981-7052, Areas willing to teach: Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 

Connie Berner, BEN FRANKLIN, Whidbey Island, Washington, 206-388-953, Will travel throughout Washington State.  

Sharon Canavan, QUALITY SEWING & VACUUM, Yelm, Washington, 360-239-1860. Areas willing to teach: Pacific Northwest. 

Tammy Wycherley, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Triadelphia, West Virginia, 304-312-8240, Areas willing to teach: Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

Linda Kudrna, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Madison, Wisconsin, 608-575-5903, and Areas willing to teach: Wisconsin. 

Lyn Neuenfeldt, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, New London, Wisconsin, 920-216-0932, Areas willing to teach: New London Wisconsin, will travel US and Canada upon request and looking to do kids classes. 

Dorie Cox, BEST KIND, Evanston, Wyoming, 307-679-7830, Areas willing to teach: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon. 

Kalani Dalton, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Evanston, Wyoming, 307-679-8063, Areas willing to teach: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Idaho.

Lisa Millikin, INDEPENDENT TEACHER, Glendo, Wyoming, 307-331-1714, Areas willing to travel: Wyoming. 




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